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Wednesday, 22 July 2015 14:29


Windows10NewsInfo Forum & Blog Now Open


I grew up with the age old adage "All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait!" Well we all will have to wait 7 more days for the official launch of Windows 10, but in the mean time you all are invited to visit our newest forum Windows 10 News Info and blog Windows 10 News Info. Windows10NewsInfo (w10ni) is dedicated to Windows 10, the Newest, Greatest, Fastest, most Secure Operating System to come out of Redmond. Not only is Windows 10 all the things mentioned above, it will probably be the last standalone OS from Microsoft. Windows 10 is designed to be "One Platform" knowing what type of device it is installed on and delivering unmatched performance and more native features than any OS previously released. If you are visiting W10NI for the first time, Please accept my invitation to join us at W10NI where you can contribute your expertise in helping others make their installation better or learn how to improve your iteration of Windows 10. If you already have membership..."Welcome Home" If you have been a member at W8NI, You have automatically been enrolled at W10NI using all the credentials you previously had. In the not to distant future we will be bidding adieu to our old friend Windows 8 News Info which has gotten us to this place in time. W8NI was a spin off from W7NI which started all of this, and so many of you have input your knowledge, ask important questions, and posted your beneficial articles, and least we not forget comments, compliments, and Oh yeah compilants about the OS and various other topics...Finish reading at windows10newsinfo forum.