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Saturday, 09 May 2015 04:46

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser is currently included in the latest preview build of Windows 10 through the Windows Insider Program, although currently labeled as Project Spartan. As Microsoft looks to move towards a more open company, even going as far as saying they love Linux, the Redmond giant has launched an official changelog site for the Edge browser. It's a new area on Microsoft's dev platform website (located at The changelog website is located at and features a changelog for the latest version of Microsoft Edge, including any known issues. This changelog is available on the same website used for consumer feedback and requests. Web developers can now look and see if Microsoft has implemented any new features or added support for specific technologies as each new build of Microsoft Edge is made available -- especially during the preview phase of Windows 10. For example, the current version of Edge is available on Windows 10 build 10074 as Project Spartan. New features in Edge in build 10074 include Media Capture & Stream (getUserMedia), ASM.js, ES6, Generators, ES6 Default Parameter, and ES6 RegEx Built-ins. Currently, known issues include a lack of basic authentication, inability to access localhost, and issues with full screen. This is clearly a great move on Microsoft's part, looking to cater towards web developers in hopes to convince them that Edge is infact a superior browser to Internet Explorer. July is rapidly approaching and the closer we get to that release date the more becomes available on Windows 10 and the release of this new browser...We are following Microsoft Edge closely on our forum and will post all information good, bad, or indifferent as it becomes available.



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