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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 05:03
What is Meerkat
Last week, I was all set with my popcorn and soda to watch the live stream of Apple’s “Spring Forward” event. By 10:02, the stream still hadn’t started on any of my devices, so I knew something was wrong. I logged into Twitter to see if anyone else was having a problem seeing the event. I noticed that one of the tech news writers I follow had posted a live stream via Meerkat of Apple’s event, right from his seat in the audience. It was pretty cool to see the event from his point of view. Meerkat is a live stream video app specifically for Twitter that allows users to stream what they are doing right now. Similar to Snapchat, the video goes away forever once the user is done. Currently, the app is only available on iOS, but you can watch the videos from any web browser. To start a video stream, download the Meerkat app and log in with your Twitter credentials. You will see two buttons, one for posting a schedule announcement and one to start your live stream video. Type in a few words about your video and tap one of the buttons. When you tap “Schedule,” you will be asked to enter a specific date and time. The tweet you send out will specify when your video will go live so that your followers can actually watch it before it is too late. When you tap “Stream,” you will begin your live video stream. If your followers miss the video, it will be too late for them. Once your video is over, no one can see it. As far as watching a live stream goes, when you see a tweet that begins |Live Now| and ends with #Meerkat, the link in between will send you to the live stream from that user. You don’t have to download the app to see the feed. You don’t even have to sign up for the service. You can watch the video from your smartphone or computer via the app or a web browser. I actually prefer to watch live streams more than make them. I don’t do much interesting stuff, so I have little reason to live stream anything...Find out and download from our forum.

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